Our Farms

Hornby Island Farms

Hornby Island Tea harvests herbs from its own family farm of 30 years and is actively adding local farms to its growers lists. All our teas are blended with local herbs, which adds to the taste, smell and visual profile.



South Africa Farm

South Africa FarmMom and pop family run business, which has been in the family for decades; Very entraprenual and innovated family. They recruited their daughter, which was practicing law to get on board and work on the administrative side of things. The mother was hard at work with the hired hands packaging up a shipment that was heading out at the end of the week. And the father a very intelligent hard working inventive man. The family has worked very hard over the year, they shared their story of farming and how they got to where they are know. In they’re past life Frans the father worked for the South African government; to find a solution for soil erosion. He then moved on to working on organic certification and regulations through Germany. The step into becoming the first rooibos farm to export organic rooibos was smooth for they had the knowledge and background in organic farming. The start was tuff for the price of organic rooibos was lower then processing it for quiet sometime. This has changed and organic rooibos is becoming more and more in demand, which is fetching the farmer a higher price. They are pleased but perhaps overwhelmed with orders and the growing demand for their highest of quality rooibos product. It is refreshing to see hard working farmers becoming successful.  Hornby Island Tea and your business is a part of this success.

Assam Farms

Assam Farms

When Hornby Island Tea partnered up with The Small Tea Co-op our dreams took flight. The Small Tea Co-op has been active in developing organic tea farming in the community of Assam, India for over 15 years. It currently supports half a dozen family farms. They have created a market for their products, jumped through countless exporting hoops, and formed family friendships, all while building a conscious business.