About Us

Why Tea?

After completing a Diploma in Environmental science, which was equally disturbing, as inspiring, and completely changed to way I viewed products throughout our grocery stores. This is what planted the seed and moved me to get involved with supporting; sustainable family farms locally and globally.

It is all about creating a product that is equally as good for our health as it is for the environments. That allows the hard working farmers, local businesses and economics to thrive.  The exceptional quality, taste, aromas, health benefits and experience are what stand out from basing a business on these principles.

Hornby Island tea blends island grown lavender, calendula, and mints with green and black teas from The Small Tea CO-OP family farms in Assam Indian. Wildly harvested nettles with rich iron red rooibos from the mountains of Cedarburg South Africa.


Nominated top 20 under 40 business and Community achievement award for Vancouver Island, 2014.
Nominated Top 40 Under 40 business for Comox Valley, 2014